The hip restaurant in town has opened its doors in Berawa and it might just become your favorite hangout spot. Canggu’s sought after good times have been taken to a whole other level with a New York laid back feel mixed with this tropical island’s sunshine. This buzzing restaurant will swiftly shift from tasteful creations to waist-full moves to the beat of live DJ music. The best news is that you won’t have to go anywhere else after dinner to enjoy a night of fun.

Bella’s low-key neighborhood experience is fused with exquisite tastes. Take our food connoisseurs word for it as they bring shared joy through every dash of authentic Mediterranean recipes with the twist of Bali-seasonal freshness. And if temptation isn’t already plenty at this lively space, scrumptious signature dessert is made at your table. You’ll enjoy every moment of your sweet escape.

You’ll fit right in at this next-door restaurant lounge that offers the high-life joy that you’ll want be back for.